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Bakerloo 259_felt 2Edel Telenzo’s new Rugs and Runners Collection continues to push the boundaries of semi-bespoke flooring, fuelled by the almost limitless options available.

With a headline offering of 88 different edges, this made-to-order rug and runner service, available in combination with any Edel Telenzo wall-to-wall carpet, is setting the benchmark in diversity and choice.

Whether the room is large or small, contemporary or traditional, the Rugs and Runner Collection has the perfect border option for any carpet and any interior. Ideal for larger rugs and statement stair runners, a generous 5cm wide option is available in leather, felt and linen finishes, while a more subtle 1cm wide cotton option will suit rugs of all sizes.

Whatever the width or material, there is also an enviable choice when it comes to colour selection. First, boasting 46 shades, the cotton edge offers the broadest colour spectrum.  From naturals that provide a gentle addition to any of Edel Telenzo’s broadloom options, to bright oranges and reds for a real statement in style, this 1cm wide choice has something for everyone.

With the 5cm linen, homeowners looking for whites, creams, on-trend greys, bold blues or striking reds need look no further than the 19-strong options contained within. For those seeking a real touch of luxury, turn to the 14 colours available in 5cm wide leather, with light greys, browns and darks all featured. Finally, the impressive 88 options are completed with nine options available in felt, with plain and heather tastes all catered to.

Mark Rooney, UK sales director at Edel Telenzo, elaborates:

“During the planning of the Rugs and Runners Collection we set out to deliver a solution based on clear and precise goals.  We were looking for something unique that would deliver flooring and interior retailers a must-have, go-to solution for all their rug requirements.

“Therefore, we wanted a concept without compromise, and opening up the service to any of our broadloom carpets was just the start.  Huge emphasis was placed on the edging options available, and by offering 88 designs across multiple finishes, we believe we have the perfect platform to deliver rugs or runners for any interior.”