Quality assured. Naturally.

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Edel Telenzo carpets are always of the highest quality. We make use of the best yarn, the latest production techniques and also ensure you always receive the highest level of service. To remind retailers and inform consumers about our high standards, we have developed a number of badges which explain our guaranteed, high quality in one quick overview.

Quality assured

We have designed 18 different badges to provide you with the most important information about our products in one quick overview. The badges tell you something about the yarn, the suitability of the product and our warranties. All Edel Telenzo wool products are guaranteed against carpet pilling, moths and shading / pile reversal. Another unique selling point is the ability to maintain your Edel Telenzo carpet with an upright vacuum cleaner with beater bar.

Find your carpet

Are you looking for a specific yarn? Then look for the badges about yarn content and make sure you select a product made from the yarn of your choice. For our wool ranges you will find badges on 2-ply, 3-ply, 100% wool, 50/50 wool-polypropylene. Our synthetic domestic products are made of the finest polyamide, 100% PA6 or 100% PA6.6.

Do you want to know if a product is suitable for you? Then look for our badges on product specifications: 4metre, 4&5metre, 5metre, heavy contract, heavy domestic, medium contract, aqua premier plus (Gelbac), recyclable.

At Edel Telenzo we are proud of, and we believe in the quality of our products. Therefore, our wool products are guaranteed against pilling, guaranteed against moths, guaranteed against shading/pile reversal and most of them are Scotchgarded for extra stain protection.

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Ceneva: 100% SBR-free backing

Edel Telenzo are the first tufted-carpet manufacturer in the world to completely switch from the use of SBR to VAE for the carpet backing. 100% SBR-free backing is the solution for environmentally conscious customers. Furthermore, using VAE results in an odourless carpet, less emissions of VOCs, a reduced flammability and a more flexible carpet. For more information on Ceneva, please visit our news page.


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