Why Edel Telenzo?

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Why carpets?

Carpets are the ideal choice because:

  • They are warm and cosy underfoot
  • They are gentler on your feet and joints
  • They are environmentally friendly, offering good insulation, preserving warmth and lowering heating bills
  • They absorb sound and help to keep noise levels down
  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • They help to trap allergens in their fibres rather than allowing them to be kicked into the air and breathed in
Why Edel Telenzo carpets?
  • They’re successfully styled with fashionable subtleties of natural tones and shades
  • They are exceedingly well made
  • Most are Scotchgarded during the manufacturing process to provide inherent stain repellent qualities
  • They use only the best backing materials and yarns
  • They are what they say they are – many ranges carry the prestigious Woolmark guarantee of quality
  • They are easy to maintain and very hardwearing