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Maintenance instructions

Carpet is warm, comfortable and strong. Guaranteed to provide years of carefree living. The type of carpet, colour and design are important when choosing the right carpet. To maintain the appearance of your chosen carpet and ensure satisfaction for years to come, please find some information on cleaning and maintenance below. Specific maintenance instructions per product can be found on the respective collection page.


  1. keep the dirt outside

    The biggest enemy of all types of flooring is sand. An entry mat will ensure that most dirt and moisture will not make it into the house.

    • Regularly change filters in your heating and air conditioning systems.
    • Periodically clean traffic lanes and areas in front of frequently used chairs with a suitable cleaning agent, such as WoolClean Clean & Fresh.
    • Do not apply stain repellent treatment that contains any silicone, because they tend to accelerate carpet soiling. Note: We do not accept responsibility for complaints where such treatments have been used.
    • With castor chairs the use of keyhole mats at desks is strongly recommended.

  2. regular maintenance

    Regular and thorough vacuuming, at least once a week and more often in heavy traffic areas, is an economical and effective way to remove soil and dirt particles before they become embedded into the pile of the carpet.

    For best results, empty your vacuum bag when half full.

    An upright vacuum with a beater bar/brush is best for cut pile and loop pile carpets and is strongly recommended by Telenzo Carpets.

  3. interim maintenance

    Next to regular vacuuming, there are different cleaning methods and agents available to help maintain the appearance of your carpet. Your carpet retailer can inform you about the options suitable for your carpet.

  4. periodic maintenance

    To ensure lasting beauty and life of your carpet, we advise you employ the services of a professional cleaner every 2-3 years, depending upon traffic density and the proximity to soiling carried in from outside.

    Thorough cleaning is required periodically to remove the deepest soiling. There are many cleaning methods you can use to ensure the lasting beauty and life of both your wool and synthetic pile carpets.a wool carpet or rug.

    We recommend you employ the services of a professional cleaner and frequency will depend upon traffic density on the carpet in question as well as its proximity to soiling carried in from outside.

    Entry mats reduce the need for professional cleaning – don’t forget to clean entry mats.

    Machine recommended – hot water extraction models.


If a stain or spot should occur, time is of the essence. 90% of all stains and spots are easily removed with water, provided you act quickly.

Spot & stain removal

With spot and stain removal, speed is of the essence.

  • Blot up liquids with paper towel or absorbent cloth. Scoop up solids with the end of a knife or spoon.
  • Use a light, colourfast cotton cloth for the treatment of spots.
  • Always work from the outer edge toward the centre to prevent spreading. Use only small quantities of spot removal agent. It’s a good idea to replace the cotton cloth as soon as it is soiled. (Do not rub excessively since that can cause permanent damage to the pile fibre).
  • After cleaning, carefully rinse the area with clean water and a sponge after having cleaned it. Do notsoak.
  • Afterwards, blot as dry as possible with a clean towel.
  • Always brush cut pile carpets in the direction of the pile.
  • Do not use household cleaners such as soft soap, neutral soap, ammonia solution, turpentine or benzene. Only use removal agents which are only recommended for textiles.
  • A few layers of white absorbent tissue placed on the treated area and then subject to weight (e.g. a heavy book) will help absorb the remainder of the stain and accelerate the drying.

Dealing with common carpet stains

A copy of our guide to dealing with common carpet stains is available for you to download here in PDF format.

Guide to Contract Carpet Care

Our comprehensive professional guide to care of contract carpets, packed with detailed advice on how to care and clean carpets in heavy usage commercial applications. Download a copy of the Guide to Contract Carpet Care here.

to remove a stain:

  1. always work from the outer edge toward the centre to prevent spreading. Blot up liquids with a paper towel or absorbent cloth; scoop up solids with a spoon or the end of a knife.
  2. take a light, colourfast cotton cloth; make it wet and wring it out
  3. put the cloth on the stain and leave it there (do not rub!)
  4. replace the cloth as soon as it is soiled and repeat until it does not soil anymore. 

Note: do not rub or use a hairdryer as that can cause permanent damage to the pile fibre. Do not use household cleaners, detergents or salt.

When a stain or spot has set, special cleaning agents are available. Contact your carpet retailer for information about the appropriate cleaning agent. For more information about stains you can also visit the website of Dr Schutz.   

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