Which carpet fits
my home?


Carpet is the most versatile flooring covering as you can choose from different materials, constructions, designs, colours, etc. Choosing your perfect carpet can therefore be a challenge.


Choosing the right colour can be difficult 

Choosing the right colour can be difficult, as a colour changes the look and feel of a room. Carpet is available in many different colours. Polyamides come in a large array of colours, whereas wool carpets are often available in more neutral tones. Solution dyed polypropylene comes in a more limited colour palette. Here are some tips to help you choose the best colour carpet:


Neutrals such as beige and grey tones are colours that go well with any colour scheme and form a neutral basis for any interior.

bright colours

Bright colours such as reds and blues lift a floor and make a statement. Such colours are great in offices or playrooms. 

dark or light

Darker colours can make a room appear more intimate, whereas lighter colours on the floor make a room appear brighter and larger.


Darker, multi-coloured and patterned floors are especially effective at hiding soiling.

Visit a flooring specialist

They can advise you on the perfect carpet for you.

There is a carpet for every room in the house: from a practical carpet on the stairs or in the home office to soft bedroom carpets and colourful carpets for the children's room.

Always ask to bring samples home as the light will be different, affecting how the carpet will look in your house.

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