How to Prevent & Treat Carpet Moths

July 12, 2023 - By Telenzo Carpets

When you have your new carpet the last thing you want is moths finding it and destroying your new carpet. Carpet moths can be found in homes with wool carpets. The moths come from eggs that are laid in the wool carpet fibres, when they hatch, they feed on the carpet causing damage, giving the appearance of a worn carpet.The damage they cause can be irreparable if not dealt with quickly. There are a number of ways you can deal with moths if you suspect a moth infestation, here you will find a guide to prevent and tackle moths.

Here we cover:

  • What are carpet moths?
  • What causes carpet moths?
  • How to prevent carpet moths?
  • How to treat carpet moths?

What are carpet moths?

Carpet moths are tiny insects that can ruin your carpet. These pests feed on the fibres in carpets, resulting in damage that can be irreparable. Not only do they make your carpet look worn, they can also be expensive to get remove.

If you think you suspect you have a carpet moth infestation it’s important to act fast. These moths reproduce quickly and can spread through your home rapidly. The moth larvae is particularly damaging, as once hatched they can eat the carpet fibre much more effectively than the adult moths.

What causes carpet moths?

There can be many reasons for carpet moths being attracted to your home, first try and establish where the moths come from so you can prevent them from coming in and ruining your carpets in the future.

The most common reason is the carpet moths have been looking for a place to lay their eggs. Carpet provides moths with an ideal environment for larvae to since the carpet is made from natural wool fibres.

Another reason is due to lack of carpet cleaning. If you fail to vacuum or clean your carpets regularly, moths can use the area for breeding and other insects. Particularly if you have pets, the pet dander can attract moths.

If there are a lot of moths where you live it’s possible that they could end up on your clothes and then be brought indoors.

How to prevent carpet moths?

If you’re worried about carpet moths, here are a few things you can do to prevent them from ruining your carpets:

  • Regular Vacuuming:Moths are attracted to dirt, vacuuming regularly is one of the most effective preventions for them settling in your home. Ensure you  vacuum under furniture and hard-to-reach places where moths may try and hide and lay their eggs. Carpet moths like to hide in dark, warm places.

  • Cleaning:Regular cleaning will help to keep your carpets free of moth eggs and larvae in addition to vacuuming regularly. Clean any spills or stains as soon as you spot them. Also recommended to have your carpets professionally cleaned every year.


  • Store seasonal clothing properly:Moths are attracted to the natural fibres clothing included, so ensure you store seasonal items properly In sealed containers or garment bags. Ensure you vacuum storage areas regularly this will help to avoid moths coming into your home.

  • Use moth repellents:There are lots of effective moth repellents on the market which can help deter carpet moths.

How to treat carpet moths?

If you have found carpet moths, here are a few ways to remove them.

  • Vacuum:First, vacuum your carpet. After ensure you empty your vacuum cleaner to prevent the moths from re-infesting your carpets
  • Use moth traps: These can be found at most hardware stores. If your infestation is more severe you may need to call an exterminator.
  • Treat your carpets with an insecticide: With many different products to choose from, they will kill carpet moths on contact. Simply follow the instructions on the label in conjunction with the maintenance guide.
  • Prevent Carpet moths returning: Finally, take steps to avoid carpet moths returning. Keep your carpets clutter free, seal any cracks or cavities in your home and follow the preventing carpet moth steps above. Following these steps will mean carpet moths have less reason to enter your home and ruin your carpets.

How to Prevent & Treat Carpet Moths